Safeguarding children and young people and promoting their well-being runs through the heart of our practice. It is an attitude of mind, a belief system and a way of thinking that places the well-being of our students at the forefront of every action.

Policies and systems, such as safer recruitment, behaviour management, child protection and whistleblowing procedures arise out of this belief and are used to promote and sustain it. They are not an end in themselves but are essential tools and need to be kept ‘live’ to support the culture and to help maintain a commitment to best practice and legal requirements.

Ultimately, it is our belief that a commitment to safeguarding children and young people and promoting their well-being works to the equal safety and well-being of all staff and other adults whose aim is to promote good education outcomes and future life experiences for young people.

Our dedicated Safeguarding and Child Protection Lead ensures that we remain up to date with safeguarding systems and policies, as well as with the wider issues that face our young people and their families. The leader also provides our team with managerial support, training and oversight, and works closely with our Senior Leadership teams. This ensures that the school is able to respond appropriately and immediately to any safeguarding concerns that arise, in line with the robust systems and procedures that are in place.

We support our parents and carers by keeping them up to date with safeguarding issues in the community and on any wider safeguarding issues that may impact on their children, such as internet safety or concerns in relation to a particular game or issue in the media. Our teams always welcome parents and carers into school should they wish to discuss any concerns or wider issues.