Welcome from Headteacher

A special message from the Headteacher

Welcome to Silver Bridge School, a place where young people love to be. We are proud to offer all our students a chance to thrive and achieve, where elsewhere they had struggled. Many of our students have experienced significant disruption to their education due to the impact of particular challenges in their lives and or their diagnosis. 

We understand that for some, school can be a difficult place to be. With this in mind, our approach is specifically designed to allow students to discover what learning means for them. We do this through a creative, individualised approach to learning, centred around a relational approach to wellbeing and personal development. From the time students arrive, our curriculum coordinators, teachers and teaching assistants use their interests, ambitions and goals to map out their unique project based learning journey. Our calm and informal learning environment helps students to relax and feel confident that school is a safe place for them to break down barriers and succeed. 

Staff at Silver Bridge School are skilled in, and passionate about, building positive relationships with students in order to support them to overcome their barriers to learning, gain the skills needed to achieve their goals and support them to transition into the next exciting chapter of their lives. We hope they do so with increased self-image and esteem along with a more positive attitude towards lifelong learning. 

I feel truly honoured to be part of such an exciting and innovative community that does things differently in order to aim for the best possible outcomes for our students and their families. We would be delighted to welcome you to see for yourself our exceptional and inspirational school. 

Best Wishes,

Dan Garbutt