Our Approach

Our Aims

An Environment that Works for Them

Above all else, we aim to approach all of our young people with empathy by listening to their story, their thoughts needs and passions; and provide an environment that speaks to them. We recognise that our young people may associate a difficult challenge with the education environment from which they have come. This means less sitting at desks in silence listening to a teacher and more collaboration with peers in settings which reflect a real-world working environment with emerging technologies. This means smaller collaborative working groups around projects of interest where the teacher adopts a guiding role. This also means a caring staff body which adheres to a strict wellbeing commitment policy to ensure that your young people feel appropriately supported.

A Transition Service

The sole intent of our three-stage curriculum is to transition all of our young people to their expected destination with a sense of fulfilment. Whether that means transitioning back to a mainstream education setting, further education or work, our environment, curriculum, and resources are developed to support and prepare students for their next step in life!