Health and Wellbeing

Silver Bridge School is committed to promoting positive mental health and emotional wellbeing for all children, young people, their families, and members of staff . Through our positive and supportive ethos, we will help individuals to understand and manage their own mental health and those of others. We will support everyone to be resilient and mentally healthy and happy. We believe this is key to unlocking potential. In operationally realising this commitment, our wellbeing strategy is integrated into our yearly quality assurance cycle, and includes the following areas:

Leadership and Management

Support from leadership and management is essential to ensure that mental health and wellbeing is promoted and embedded. We are committed to ensuring that each senior leadership team supports our wellbeing commitment.

Ethos and Environment

In adhering to our philosophy, every individual spends a significant portion of their time at Silver Bridge School or residential home, so creating the right ethos and environment is critical.

We are committed to ensuring that the environment engenders a sense of belonging where everyone can flourish. We want to foster a culture that promotes mutual respect and successful relationships, as well as provide a secure environment safe from bullying, violence, and negative behaviours.